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Friday, March 13, 2015

Dylusion's Tutorial with Pam

Get your Dylusions out and lets have some fun
The first thing to do is assemble your supplies:
~Large cover for your working / spraying surface area
~Heavy water color or artist paper, some bits of scrap paper to use for tags to embellish your piece or journal on.
~Dylusion spray in your color choice's I used 4 two yellows, a blue and a green
~Background mask template and texture template
~various stamps for your background
~a roll of inexpensive paper towel
~water spritz bottle
~Heat gun
~Black Gesso or ink for stamping

~Step 1} Spray your background with alternating different layers of  color
~Step 2} Dry your piece, either with a heat gun or by rolling the paper towel across the surface.
~Step 3} Now comes the fun part, take your background I used the 'aspens' template. Holding it away from your project give it a good all over spritz of water
~Step 4} Now lay it carefully, but firmly over your background.
~Take a patient, you can gently smooth it down so that the water
covered plastic makes contact with your background.
~Step 5} Gently remove the template roll your paper towel over the surface and as it dries you will see the template impression come to life
~As your paper towel saturates, just peel off the layers.
 ~ Step 6} I lay the  texture template over random areas of background. Spritzed with water....waited a minute to  start to lighten up, Rolled the paper towel over the entire wet area, removed it and dried it thoroughly
~Now for some fun, I used a black Gesso with a sponge to spread lightly over the stamp. You have to work fairly quick.
~So,it is useful to preplan where you want your stamps to end up
 ~I cut a blank template the size of the photo I was using so I could position the cracked plaster stamp around the edges without getting paint on the photo
~NOTE: wash your stamps immediately so the gesso does not harden in them
 I like to play with this type of 'art journal' background creating.
I really helps get my Mo-Jo going
Here is the finished piece, There is a lot of freedom in art journaling. You don't have to have a tittle unless you want, you can fill the paper with journal or just do a tag as shown above. It is fun to try new techniques and just get messy. Stop by my blog for a visit any time


Dean and Selena said...

Did you do the Spooky house just for me!! :-)

fairyrocks said...

I love that little stamp set. LOL

Karla Yungwirth said...

Love the Dylusions sprays!! Beautiful project Pam!