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Friday, May 8, 2015

Fun Friday with Pam

It is spring time in the Rockies, can You hear the
This page started with a blank heavy water color background.
 In order to get the cloud effect, I simply chose 2
coordinating spray sky colors from the stash.
Then I tore bits of paper towel {High tech stuff huh?}
placed the paper towel on the blank paper
keeping the top tattered edges thinner.
Then alternated spraying over.
Protecting the entire area with more paper towel,
 I tore the lower edges off to give a feathered edge
and did a quick spritz of grass color.
Then dug the cricut out, found a fence or frame that
 I could turn into a fence from 'Ironworks cartridge'.
 I even used he cut away bits for the numbers.
To read more on this 'Little Ducky' family,
 visit my blog post today at Fairy Rocks.
Happy Mothers Day, watch out for
the roadside wildlife

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