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Friday, June 12, 2015

Fun Friday A Thank 'You Take What You Need'

Give What You Can

Inspired by things I have seen on Pinterest, I made this some time ago for my 'Happy Place' Then I decided a smaller one would make a great gift for teachers, house warming or even just between friends.
So, here is a brief prompt for this project:

I will often buy something that is
already made, and change it into something else.
{sale sticker is my favorite motivation}
This project started with an inexpensive canvas
from Michaels. {sorry its upside down, I've been busy}
I didn't want the actual artwork on it, so
I guessoed over it and let it dry
Next I took mod-podge and layered tissue
paper over the entire piece, wrapping it to
the back. Decorate your front with a favorite
quote or the words 'Take What You Need' or
'Give What You Can'
Print out any word that you find inspiring. On the original, I had a 7-Gypsies receipt holder. I used it to attach the words,
 and made several underneath that can be torn away.
Use your imagination, you can use cup holders,
string, or metal rings to attach the words.

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