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Friday, July 24, 2015

Fun Friday with Pam A Lightbulb Moment

Finally got to this project I have been wanting to try for a long time. Simple, really.
Assemble some basic starters. Sturdy clean burnt out light bulb, double sided tape, hot glue gun, mesh from....'garlic' with one end still intact, alcohol ink, some wire,burlap type rope, bits and baubles from the stash. Broken jewelry works great for hanging things.
 Close up detail for the top of the bulb. First, Make a loop with about 5 inches of wire, feed ends your wire through the large cog, hook through the top of the mesh and wrap it back around the cog on both sides.  Feed the end through the small cog to secure the top. I used a dab of glossy accents to secure. You could possibly use a low heat glue gun.
Next I took the bulb turned it so the large part was to my mat, and dribbled ink down it in lines. Note, be careful, it is slippery. Dry it thoroughly before continuing to handle it.
For the basket, I double sided taped the screw in end and wound the string around it tightly. Securing at bottom with more tape.
Next I ran a line of tape around the largest part of the bulb. Trimmed the mesh so it just sticks to the tape. Covered it all with a 2 lee valley garden tags made of copper that I embossed. Note, I used old earrings to join the corners and hang a few baubles off of.

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