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Friday, August 14, 2015

Fun Friday with Pam

Today I am showcasing a personal treasure.
Another find, this was laying in a basket of
forgotten things at the farm.  Mom said I could take it.
Usually I just borrow them to photograph and return the originals.
This is the digital manipulation copy back to black and white.
 Visit 'my blog' for  more information about this photo
Years of laying under glass in a shed has turned it a lovely red and crème patina. I decided to scrapbook the original. Something I seldom do. But, really, it is safer on a layout than back in another stack of forgotten photos.
 Note: I did not glue it to the background,
 but opted for clear photo corners to preserve
the integrity of the original.
It does have a printers mark on the back in very faded red ink.
'Bo Bunny Heritage' paper pack was all the perfect
 shades of patina to showcase this treasure.
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