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Friday, October 23, 2015

Fun Friday with Pam, or...

 The Ugly Truth about Santa pictures......
As a scrapbooker, I have the most difficult time with the Christmas photos. This one of my sweet grandchildren is no different....I mean look at that overloaded background. Santa photos are expensive....looks like this 'bad' Santa saved a lot on the backdrop.... I hid all the journaling so on the surface it looks just fine LOL. I could have cropped the dead reindeer and that really awful lump of white stuff off, but where is the fun in that?
That's right, I said it the elves were dipping a little too deep in the eggnog! And mom let him wear his Halloween shirt....I tell you the stuff I have to deal with some days.
 Just pop the ornaments up to read what
I am really thinking when I look at this photo
I decided to add tags to the balls, because the note on the top to open just sounded awkward.....
This layout brought to you by this  Kaiser paper pack

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