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Friday, January 29, 2016

Fun Friday with Pam

The wings were cut with TH die 'Wings' from white coffee filters. As you can see they accept the color wonderfully.
I sprayed the wings in black and blue shades. Using a piece of heavy art paper underneath. I think it will make for an interesting art journal page background...stay tuned
 Paper is TH emboss paintable. I did a dry fit, I didn't like where the bird was going to be on the layout. So, I recut and pasted it together so the bird was in the lower left hand corner.
Once it is pasted back together you can not tell I did this. I used a thin strip of paper and glued it to the back, spanning the seams.
 To alter the bird and background, I used spritzes of color and a baby wipe.
 It didn't matter that the bird on the paper is not a raven. I manipulated the image with spray, ink and then the assembled wings.
This is my favorite hint for positioning your sticky back letters. Lay them gently on a clear plastic sheet {or the packaging it comes in} This way you can move them around till you are sure of where you want them to be secured.

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