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Friday, February 26, 2016

Fun Friday with Pam

I have finally gotten my mitts on a Tattered Lace Magazine. I fell immediately in love with this little birds nest that was offered as this issues free die.
Imagine my delight when I cracked the pages to find not one, but several walk through ideas on how to use the die. I loosely followed the instructions. Started by digging through my scrap pile for the shades I thought would look good.
I used some inks to highlight the emboss bits, added some whimsy to the birds with note paper. Just a finger dab of ink for color. Make sure and do a dry fit before you glue. I am not going to redo the tutorial.
 Buy a magazine, and prepare to be thrilled!!
This is a card for my mothers Birthday this month. The one thing I did was to flip the die over and use it to shade my base paper before I glued the nest creation to it. Have fun, I know I did.

Thanks Pinterest.....I love a good birds nest!!

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