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Friday, March 4, 2016

Fun Friday with Pam

I picked up this little package of 'Mod Podge' Santoro precut paper from the Little Green Truck 
As you can see on the left hand, she started out quite pale, but I want a little brown baby girl, so I colored her with my copic pen 'SUNTAN'
You have to pop the pieces off, trim up the edges, ink and do all that before you glue down. I chose to do a pop dot application, rather than mod podgeing it all down flat.
Separate all the pieces, decide how you want them to look, by doing the 'dry fit'
 Here is a quick overview of the foam dot placement. Make sure to cut your dots to fit the area, so when you are done, nothing shows through. I also used glossy accents to make the hearts and photo corners shine. I
 If I was a card maker, she would be a card, I am not witnessed by previous attempts here LOL. So scrapbook page embellishment it is!!
Thanks Pinterest for the Minions

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