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The gift of making fortunate discoveries by accident, a talent for making discoveries while searching for other things.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Fun Friday with Pam

 My daughter sent me this IPhone photo when they were on an excursion to the Banff museum recently. Our Grandson LOVES Native Canadian lore and ceremony. This winter he discovered he is part first nations. He told his mom he figured that must be true, because he was so good at snowshoeing.
I rooted through the stash, came up with a DCWV brilliant piece of paper. I wanted to keep it simple and have the headdress pop. For the headdress, I simply cut the feathers from a die, added in some real feathers, then stacked them all on a scrap of burlap. Everything here is from supplies I had just waiting for the right project. Love that kid so much!! Visit me to see more of this story on my blog Fairyrocks

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