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Friday, May 20, 2016

Fun Friday with Pam

With all the sunshine, it has been almost impossible to make it inside to play. I finally took some time to start a new Banner.
Select the large balloon stamp. Use the ink of your choice. I used a black so I could see the outlines well. I stamped several balloons.

Next I fussy cut them all, removing the string image from the edges as well as the flag from the top.
Fold each balloon in half lengthwise. I used 4 stamped images for each balloon. Next carefully glue all but one matching side together. Trim up the place where they meet for smooth lines.
String a jewel on a thin piece of string, cut long enough to loop the top {for hanging} and lay inside the opening you left. Securely glue together. Ink the edges. Now you have a 3-D banner embellishment.
If you want to use this on a scrapbook page, simply cut one balloon fold in half and secure along the spine to existing pattern on paper.
 'Beautiful Dreamer' by Bo Bunny was a perfect inspiration for this project.
Check in next Friday for the finished 
'Dream Big' banner
Thank you Pinterest for this image

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