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Friday, August 12, 2016

Fun Friday with Pam

A bit of Summer Ghoulishness

It is never too early for haunted houses! I dug deep into the stash for bits and pieces to create these 'flat' vignette's.
As you might remember from last weeks post:
It started with a template from Paper Traders, a group of like minded traders. We work off of prompts and this was to build mini haunted houses. They will be sent to a creative hostess who will then swap and bind in a mix-n-match style and send them back as a completed foldout booklet.
This one is still in need of a few more details
I usually make one to keep and one to swap. This is the swapper, outside complete with graveyard, of course!
Inside of the swapper. I think I need to add a library to the center sample. Not done yet, but very close to being ready to mail out. The turn around will be just in time for Halloween decorating.
A fun faux stone from Pinterest
and chocolate

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