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Friday, November 4, 2016

Fun Friday with Pam

With Halloween done for another year. I am able to start thinking about the Christmas season. Here are some winter themed traders I have been working on.
This is an ATC that can stand up by flipping the tree on the corner. I used my Cricut to do the tree and deer cuts.
Added some stamped emboss glitter and stickles to the edges of the trees.
 This is the back always signed

The glue-book vintage winter theme page evolved. I started with an old map that I highlighted the north pole area with a heart cut out of a mini card.
Added in the reindeer and reprinted photo
Then I thought it needed a word.
On a whim I added the butterfly to the girls head. Just for fun really.
This is the back. I list the supplies I used on a card. It is mostly vintage materials. With just the odd bit of embellishment thrown on top.
Because...winters coming!

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Gail Cooke said...

I would love to learn how to do that stand up card!

Gail Cooke