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The gift of making fortunate discoveries by accident, a talent for making discoveries while searching for other things.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Fun Friday with Pam

As we count down ......over half way there now!
  I would like to wish All of you the
very best of the season.
Love advent calendars.

This is one I made quite a while ago
This was my first ever attempt: It is actually my favourite, because it is a collection of some of my precious curiosities.
Every Item has a story, from the sentimental childhood jewelry and barrettes  to the under the piano key's treasures.
Kaiser Craft Box Advent:
See you in the New Year!
I would love to see your advent calendars. Just comment with a link and I will visit you over the holidays!
And if you have an Irish Advent....I will be right over to help you count down!

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