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Friday, April 14, 2017

Fun Friday with Pam

Another long weekend is here. Gearing up for some family events. This usually involves me cooking for the masses! Wishing you all a safe and happy weekend.
 In the mean time, this is what I have been playing around with this week:
More pocket letters! This one is a series of fairies in jars! 
Stuffing Fairies in Jars! Always my favourite pastime!
For the Faux Mason jars, I stamped with the metal ink on a piece of mylar. Then cut it out and used it for an overlay effect overt the fairies. The lid was stamped on scrunched up metal duct tape. I like it because it has a sticky back and can just be trimmed and stuck to most backgrounds.
Apologizing for the terrible photos. I need a new phone......
Then I got out the 'shrink dink' clear sheets. I first stamped the image for the mason jar and fairy. Make sure and punch hanging holes before you shrink. To color I  flipped it over, so I could color the fairy in with out loosing the outline. The photo shows before and after shrinking.
Be sure to hold your shrink project secure as you shrink it. I use these old medical clips and my heat proof craft sheet.
There you have it a Fairy Charm.
Fairies again.
This is self explanatory, I started with a copy of an old photo. Then decorated her up with leaves from the stash.
Gypsy Pocket letter! I love ephemera. While attempting to tidy my 'happy place' I came across a lot of 7 Gypsies packaging I had saved. That was the jumping off point for this pocket letter.
Thanks Pinterest for the Easter Peeps!

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