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Friday, September 8, 2017

Fun Friday with Pam

This was a fun layout to do. The lettering and logo is all hand drawn and cut from plain card stock. Just stacked for effect. This process took me way back to when all I had in my stash was basically glue, cardstock, basic pens and a few sheets of pattern paper.  I made it specifically for the call out for the fall issue of Creative Scrapbook magazine. 
While on vacation, I like to take photos of whatever comes into my vision that is interesting to me. Well the goat above really caught my eye early one morning. He was tethered just behind the kitchens....
In my mind I saw the goat from Jurassic Park ....
After that I would look for him. He just seemed so out of place on the resort. I was a little worried he might be on the menu.....
Finally I saw the real reason he was hanging around. LOL
Thank you Creative Scrapbooker for publishing this LO in the fall issue!!
Pick yours up in store today!!!
Not sure that is the same goat? Hmmm....
Thanks Pinterest for this bit of fun.

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