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Friday, January 12, 2018

Frozen Fun Friday with Pam

After going through some 18 boxes it hit me that maybe the photos were in an album...It has been years since I have put photos in a dedicated album without scrapbooking them first. So lesson learned and quite a lot of organizing of photos has been accomplished in the finding.
I used the logo in the cut off strip to make the tiny sign.
This is the only tittle. I am scrapbooking for myself, so my rules say that not all pages need a clever title.
Close-up of the journaling. It reads;
'Some Grandmas wear army boots, Dartanian's Drives a Lawn Tractor'
Then his name and age in the other  flower.  I was able to put the year on the bottom of the left hand LO using existing numbers and pop dotting the add ins. I snipped some of the numbers previously cut out into his name on the bottom of the right hand page. I did highlight with a yellow marker to pop it a bit.

and just know you want to try this

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