Scrapendipity : scrap·en·dip·i·ty

The gift of making fortunate discoveries by accident, a talent for making discoveries while searching for other things.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Halloween in Wonderland

Just for fun, no challenge, just wanted to play with this awesome Graphic 45 paper!!

very hard to see but there are alot of techniques here, the teapot has diamond glaze on it to make it look like glass, along with the red queen's earrings and necklace, the vines, roses spider web and flowers have stickles on them, the pumpkins and Alice's hat have the new tattered angels glimmer glaze, Alice's dress and the Cheshire cat have oerfect pearls, and then the extra layers I cut out and glued an extra layer of paper onto Alice's apron, the lower flowers, and leaves and the tree leaves up top and lastly embellished with the key hole and spider. Much fun to create!!