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Friday, June 30, 2017

Wings I

I am wild about this feather die! Couldn't wait to play with it.
I will share some of my findings. First thing I did was cut an entire set out to see what they looked like. Using a metallic paper makes the emboss stand out. You can leave them right on the card they arrive on to cut them out. It makes the die easy to handle. The sticky notes show more or less, the order I used them in. Once you get to the smallest ones it isn't as important.
I like to use at least 3 cuts of each feather to assemble a wing. This assemblage uses the entire batch of feathers. I used two tones so you can get a sense of how I stack them.
This is the basic order. Start with the far right hand large feather and stack over moving to the smallest feather 

This breaks the set into two different wing assemblages.
 Based on how each cut curves. For these sets, I used 3 cuts of each feather
The dark is assembled from the entire set using only 2 of each feather. This is not my favourite look for a wing.
Check back next Friday for more winging it with the wing die! 
'I told you if we could fly...we would all have wings,
 but some of us don't know why'

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

STAMPEDE Must Haves!!

Saddle up and get ready for the Calgary Stampede!
Cowboy Up Die Cut HERE

Inkadoo Horse Stamps HERE
Deep Red Wild horse Stamp HERE

Puffy Horse stickers HERE
RM Stickers HERE
Country Music Stickers HERE
Sticker sheet HERE
Laser Horse cut HERE
Laser horses HERE
Mini Horse Stickers HERE
Wild West EK Stickers HERE
Cowboy Boots and Hats Brads HERE
Stickers HERE
Boots HERE
Cowgirl Stickers HERE
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Monday, June 26, 2017

Make and Take with Holly June 29

Good morning ladies.  "Schools out for the summer!!"   Just to let you know that you are welcome to bring your child/children with you to make and take.  (10am is a bit crowded but otherwise there is lots of room).

This week we will make an all occasion feminine card using lots of dies. 

If you have Tim holtz victorian velvet ink you can bring it along to distress the edges.

Email to sign up for 10am 11am noon 2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm

Friday, June 23, 2017

Fun Friday with Pam

Live Life in Color!! Have you seen these Bo Bunny papers? They are so pretty and detailed. Just perfect for this up-cycle project.
Okay, so this is a very large frame do over.
 Above is how it started, not ugly, but not very personal
Each square is approximately 6x6 inches.  They are popped up about one inch from the background and have an overall wave cut to them. If you find a frame to re do, in order to give it some tooth, first sand then go 
 over the pattern with a heavy gesso.
Allowed this to dry over night.  

I dug through the photo stacks till I found a nice selection to use. They had to be small to fit in the frames sheet from this Bo Bunny paper pack. I snipped, and clipped and fussy cut till I could mount them to a frame. NOTE: Cut the lower inside edge of the frames and slip your trimmed photo up from underneath. I also played around with and re printed a few in Cyan with a brick overlay effect for the photos I wanted to appear receding.
 This is a sun hand made gem from my sweet grandchildren. I mounted it over the 'Live Life in COLOR' logo from the border of a sheet.
Here are some of the close up shots.

Cut the frames apart and reassemble by stacking.
I may add a few more photos over time, as well as more bits and bobs from the stash. The frame below has pop up elements as well as actual key staples and fabric to mimic the paper pattern in the top left hand corner.  
Thanks Pinterest and 'aunty acid'!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New New New

 The Boy's are Back in Town!
And its time for an 80's Party HERE
Album Die cut HERE
Freestyle HERE
Ephemera HERE
Lumberjack kit HERE
Cabin Fever HERE
Sticker Sheet HERE
Chipboard HERE
Super Hero HERE
Photo Play Pack HERE
Journal Cards HERE
Speech  Bubbles HERE
Le Cirque HERE

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