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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Farewell to the North Store

Hello all, as some of you may have heard the North Scrapbooker's Paradise store is closing. This week has been hard since the words were uttered last Friday. I have always known that the staff and customers were a tight bunch, and everyone got along so well. But until I became the "fill in" manager I didn't realize HOW close. It's funny to call where we work a "store" because I now see that it is really a community. Today the customers ( friends ) threw US a farewell party! Everyone wanted to gather round one last Thursday, but instead of a make and take which was the usual norm, today was about sharing  hugs and laughs. I was overwhelmed by the kind words and heart felt stories. We really are one big family!   I personally wanted to thank each and every one of you for being there for us thru the years, the classes the make and takes and helping build our confidence. I avoided teaching like the plague, and only surfaced as a teacher every October.... for you know what! But now because of the support I got when I taught,  I feel like I actually can teach! I no longer  have sleepless nights before a class or break into a sweat during class. Now I have fun and look forward to classes. Sometimes even, it's hard to leave, we just hang out and talk afterwards! So I just wanted to say back to you who have told us you learned so much from us, that it was a two way street, we also learned from you. I cherish all the memories, and look forward to seeing you again.


I may have just started working at Scrapbooker's Paradise, however I have felt like a part of this place for a long time. Everyone was always happy to be here, it became its own little community.The staff works hand in hand as a team, The customers are known by name, Scrapbooker's Paradise was a wonderful place.  I am so sad too see the store close down. 


I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of the customers who have visited the North Store.  You all taught me alot and gave me the confidence to teach.  I enjoyed our weekly make and takes and will miss seeing you every Thursday and thru the week. You are more than customers you have become my friends. I wish you all the best in your scrapping journey and hope that I will see you in the future, maybe at a crop or a class. 

Best wishes to all of you.
And thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! Thank you to all of you for the very special day!   It was so touching.  I will take this day forward and look forward to the future with each and everyone of you.


Well after being part of the store for over five years is very sad to see the doors soon close. I have grown so much creatively while I have been there. I have worked with ladies who have taught me, challenged me, encouraged me....and I have found not just co/-workers but wonderful friends!! Then there are all the wonderful ladies who have been in classes with me - you all have become good friends too. To all of you I say thank you for so faithfully coming to classes and cheering all of us at the store on!!! Love you!!


Well as you know, our store is soon closing. It has been an amazing 7 years for me. When I had leukemia, the staff and customers supported me then and it was a small little community. Now, all these years later it has snowballed into the best ever place to work and hang out on days off!
These last few months have been the best thanks to you Selena! You became our role model, shaping us into beautiful little minions! With Holly by your side, and the rest of our team following suit, it was a natural fit for you to become our hero!
Your attitude towards us and life in general is simply a breath of fresh air. Positive, self assuring, huggable, all became your everyday manners. Never a day without hugs!!! Really? Where else can you work and get away with hugging your "boss" or minion manager??
I love you Selena, I look up to you Selena, and you really ROCKED it!!! Looking VERY forward to new beginnings!!!


Some of us will be teaching at the South store so this isn't goodbye, it's see you later :-) 

Staff and Friends, Thankyou everyone!!!

Then something happened??? we kinda felt like zombies all week, and now we have started to turn into them??
 Keep smiling,  having fun and scrapbook everything!!!

Love and Hugs, North Store Girls :-)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Always radiate sunshine

Hello all, here is page 2, from the chalk studio line of My Mind's Eye. I love this paper!!!

Ok, the 4 main papers on this page are: "Beautiful Ride", but we use the back side of it - the green stripes. "the best day ever" which we are going to fussy out all along the chalk line. "just be" and "chalk talk"

Distress the edges of Beautiful ride, and ink the edges with Pumice stone distress ink. Glue the cut out "best day ever" piece to the center of the green stripes. Spray the doily and flowers with a black or dark gray glimmer mist.

Choose a postcard from the sheet, trim it, distress the edges and mat with a green cardstock. The corners of the postcard indent ( like a ticket ) so make sure you trim the green mat to follow the indent. Ink both pieces with pumice stone, and glue together. 

Glue down the doily, I found it easier to glue the paper and lay the doily down, It was fragile and kept ripping with the tape runner. Then layer a strip of the words, you can use your favorite part of the :just be" to layer across the page. Then place your photo mats, pink mat - 4.5 x 4.5 and a smaller gray mat 4.25 x 4.25, then your photo will be 4x4 and the photo over lay can be glued with vellum adhesive to the edges of the over lay. The smaller photo is 2.5 x 2.5 and a gray mat of 2.75 x 2.75 and the pink mat 3x3. I placed pearls or rhinestones into the indent corner of the postcard, and adhered the flowers. Some of the flowers had centers, if they didn't I used either a gem or a mini rosette flower. String the banner and attach near the top. Done! Happy chalking! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Alfred Hitchcocks The Birds

Lasting memories has another great challenge.... the great thing about challenges is they force you to do a page a week..... any push at all in getting the pages done is awesome! This week was perfect timing for my Comicon page, I went as Tippi Hedren from the Birds and it just so happens it was definitely a ONE PICTURE PAGE!!!
 In Calgary it's called Calgary Expo, either name means an awesome! fun! weekend!!!! 
 my attacked paper and birdy footprints....

birds on a wire..... just waiting....... 

Thanx for stopping by, have a Happy Scrappy Day :-)

Friday, August 9, 2013

MIss Empire

Hello fellow scrappers! Here is a page from the Kaiser Miss Empire line.

I love the rich colors of these papers. For this page I did a bit of fussy cutting. The frame where you see Maddie, is cut out of one of the papers. I fussy cut around the outside and the inside. When I first cut it out I left all the little pieces that stuck into the frame, the clock, stamp and tag. I was lucky that they fit around my picture, but if they had interfered I would have just cut them off. Nobody would be the wiser! There is a great cut apart paper where all the extra pieces came from. They are all inked with Rusty Hinge. 

Everything is layered a few times on this layout. The photo has a cardstock mat, and a larger flower frame. The little strip that goes under the green square, is actually the strip off the bottom of the paper where the price is!

The post card is the top scrap cut from the paper with the frame. Matted with orange, and a few more cut aparts added. A tear reveals a hidden tag, and a little rosette adds some dimension. 

Have a happy scrappy day, thanx for stopping by :-) 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Montana Bound

A couple of weekends ago, we had our family reunion in Montana, and as you can guess, there were allot!!! of pictures taken. Especially of the rope swing, and the tubing. I  just hit rapid fire on my camera, so that in 100 pictures I can capture the mid air and drop of doom moments! Because of this, it's very hard for me to not save every picture, But I would have 100's of pictures within seconds of each other, sometimes tho' expressions are priceless and I will print a few in the same time frame. So.... I thot this would be a great chance to try project life. I could get lots of pictures on a page, and break them up so it's not so obvious, and it's a time saver! So I had some fun, at the reunion, and scrappin' it afterwards!

First I'll show you the finished page

now a close up of each pocket. They don't have to have allot of stuff in them, otherwise it wouldn't be very fast any more. Many paper lines have cut apart papers that will fit the different size pockets with no need to add anything. 

a few chipboard letters so add some fun. and a wee bit of bling

that's my brave girl in that photo!

and not all pockets have to have photos...

see, simple...

a bit of washi tape.... and voila..... on complete page.

I also did a traditional 12x12 so you can see how you can add project life to any theme or book. The pages can easily be mixed and matched!

more washi tape....and thickers letters. I cut a few surf boards and used glossy accents for embellishing the corner.

I also added a few pop dots to some of the surfboards on the side so they have some dimension

more thickers, and YAY I have 2 pages done, with lots of pictures! Thanx for popping by, Have a Happy Scrappy day! Hop over to Scrapbooker's Paradise to see a shopping list.