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Saturday, June 30, 2012


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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blog Contest

 Hello all :-) I wanted to give you the inside scoop... we will be doing a blog contest on the Scrapbookers's Paradise blog, so check back and get more details... coming this weekend :-) (click photo to enlarge )

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Old Father Time Class

 Just finished my Class at Scrapbooker's Paradise, it all went well, we finished in good time and didn't run into the night!! Lol, for those of you who bought kits, I thot I would post this to help guide you into your assembly. For those who didn't buy kits, you can follow along too :-)

First step is to stickle and glossy accent your full sheet of paper and let it dry. On the "Bazaar of Wonders"  paper, I glossy accented anything that looked like glass, and the rest I added some sparkle with stickles.
There is a piece with 3 butterflies along the bottom, cover 2 of the butterflies with GLOSSY ACCENTS. These are for the top of the box.

We use ALMOST the whole sheet, so keep that in mind when you are cuttin ( don't be willy nilly ) I cut them apart after it was dry. On the second sheet, the only piece I used was the flying pig. ( and a word from the border ) I cut on the outside of the brown border ( this will make sense when you have it in your hand ) and I stickled the border, the pig wings and his eye.

While the stickles are drying we can start gluing the box paper on. I wrapped the paper around mine, and it wasn't a good idea! So for yours I have cut individual sheets. So on the front, put Mod Podge on the box, Not the paper, and you will be covering the window and cutting them out from the back after. Once you have glued the front on, open the box and score an X where the window is, fold the x pieces around and thru, cut them to fit and glue down. 
Find your blue piece for the back of the window, (DON"T GLUE ) just size it up and cut out the windows on the blue piece. We have to sandwich the clear plastic between the box and the blue piece before gluing the blue piece down. 
Size out your plastic piece and make a whole in the center for the brad on your clock hands to go through. 

Glue the plastic piece down, then glue down the blue piece, with openings for windows cut out. 
Glue on your Key, and 3 flowers. 
Glue your clock on with glossy accents or fabri tac and use the brad for the hands thru the plastic window. There is a sheet of bling in your kit. That is cut into 3 pieces, On the top left corner of the clock there is a piece of it, and a swirl comes up from the flowers in the lower right corner.

 The piece you can see thru the window is also the flower paper. When your stickles are dry glue down the pig, and Olde Curiousity Shoppe, making sure you can see them thru the window. I added a flower to the top left side of the pig, just make sure it is inside the opening or the box won't close.
 Continue with the flower paper all around the outside of the box, there will be an edge of cardboard showing that will be inked with Vintage photo after and it will blend right in. There are 2 small pieces for the top and bottom of the box also.
Glue 3 flowers on the top of the box, and your 2 butterflies you glossy accented. Bend the wings up and only glue the center ( body ) part so the wings will stay curved. I used fabritac.
 The inside is covered with all the blue pieces except for inside the space where the book fits. That is the reverse side of the blue. One of the sides has to be pieced together, just but them up against each other no one will ever know! lol Make sure you have the pieces for inside the box compartment seperate they are also small, but they are the same size. After everything on the box is glued make the hole for your handle, the clock key, use your Big bite to make the hole. The screw is on the back of the clock key, and will fit thru the hole. Cut a strip of the Pig border from the Bazaar of wonders sheet. Size it and cut, you will need more later. 
 Ok "READ THRU FIRST" the blue pocket holder on the box flap has a few steps....
1. take the 2 pieces of blue with the punched out circles. Those circles are where the poket edge is going to be. Glue the 2 blue pieces together leaving the open side along the half circle opening. For the pockets you will need 1/4 sookwang tape. If you have too big of tape, your pocket will be smaller. The sookwang is the easiest way to make pockets. It's even and very sticky!
2. Glue the blue scored piece onto the box flap, (it opens away from the box) find the green piece that fits inside the pocket and staple a 3' piece or ribbon onto the top for the pulley. (All the pull tabs pieces are 3' ) 

 3. Find the flower piece of  paper, glue it onto the blue backing, left side. 
4. find your  pieces of 4' ribbon. ON THE RIBBON, run a piece of 1/2 sookwang tape. Now place the green piece of paper on top of the flower paper, peel off the back of the sookwang tape, and place it half on the green piece and half on the blue. This is your HINGE for the green piece of paper.
5. On the right side of the blue, the flower piece is your pocket, snip the yellow cardstock to make 2 tags, punch a hole and use some string to loop thru the top. Along the top use the rest of your border with the pigs and glue down.

6. Find the 6' piece of ribbon, and wrap it under the green long piece for the back. Make sure you put your charm on first before glueing. I only glued the part that wrapped behind. Put the ribbon low to the bottom, so there is room for the paper that goes in the pocket. Make that green piece a pocket. ( See 2 photos below )
7. Find the shorter green piece, and staple a ribbon to the long side, that is the inside of the pocket on the right side. 
 8. Staple ribbon to the long side of the red piece and place that in the pocket.

OK now this is the front of the board book that fits inside the box.
Find the black and "white" piece, ink the edges, and glue down at the top half of the page.  The colorful flower piece is the pocket at the bottom. ( After I dotted the top edge with stickles. ) 
 . Assemble your flower first.
Find these 4 pieces and don't glue yet :-)
The Flower, the center circle punch out, the glass button, and the round spiral paper clip.

Before gluing the flower center down make sure the hook from the spiral paper clip is between the flower and center, this is your paper clip to hook 2 tags into, so the spiral should be at the top. Then you can add your glass center on top of the paper circle. Fabritac again.
 Add a butterfly to a petal, and stick a word across the petals. You can cut out a word from the border of the second sheet, with only the pig cut out. Glue the piece of ribbon down with the writing on it just at the edge of the page tucking the extra under the flower petal.
 ink your 2 tags around the edge. Staple your ribbon on your the tops and place inside the pocket. 
 Find the tag pieces from your sheet, cut them out, and place into the spiral paper clip.

 Next page, the Orange piece has 2 pockets behind it. Glue 3 sides and across the middle so the opening is away from the book. You have 2 pieces of green that will fit in behind there.
 Rip the edge of your polka dot paper, ink it and glue it down leaving the ripped edge as a pocket.
Glue down the little green strip and then your  bottle piece. Find the strip of diamonds on your Bazaar of wonders paper. And keep the rest. You will need it.
 Ok first glue down the polka dot paper on the top and bottom of this page. The smaller piece on the top. The Orange piece is a pocket so only glue down 3 sides. Find the green piece that fits inside and give it a ribbon tag. We will be hinging again, so find 2 more pieces of 4' ribbon, and put sookwang on the back.
Glue down 2 butterflies to the polka dot part. Find the piece of red.
The red piece will be hinged first, and then the green right on top of that. They each get their own hinge. Then you can find the Apothecary piece, and make that a pocket. Cut out the postcard, and place inside.  
 Find the lady, and cut that piece out, glue it down and run the rest of the diamond border in  line with the other page. Add stickle dots along the bottom right. Staple ribbon on the bottom for page flippers.
 Glue down the Green piece.
The flowered piece and the bees are pockets. The flowered piece gets glued down first... BUT you have to size it against the bee piece to know where to glue.
 cut one of the yellows shorter, as the pocket is shorter. Ink and attach ribbon.
 There is a small strip of green, and a border of clocks on the bazaar sheet. Glue the clocks to the green piece and glue that down. Then POP DOT the bird cage piece. I rolled the edge between my fingers and curved it down.
 Orange piece is a pocket. Glue down 3 sides. Find a red piece and glue the polka dot circles front and back with the red in between. That is your handle. The flowered piece on the bottom is a pocket. Glue 3 sides. I added stickles along the top after.
 Attach the bee circles front and back on the red and blue piece. Ink and attach ribbon.
 Find the eye chart, make a hole, put string thru, and put inside the pocket. The last piece of bling you cut apart goes onto the flower bottom.

 Find a 6' string, it should be your last piece. Glue this onto the back of the book, The purpose of this string is to pull the book out from the box. Glue down the yellow piece, and on top the flower piece. No Pockets, no fuss.... You are done!!! Congratulations :-)

The inside of the back, I inked, feel free to create your own pages for here if you wish. For class time, I left these blank. Any questions, leave a comment, and check back for the answer. Thanx and have a


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Hauntings part 2

 Part 2 :-) see you didn't have to wait long.

One of the papers had these wonderful colored clocks, and another had the black ones. I like how the black ones are set to midnight :-)
When you place the 2 pages together the gate goes across both pages. The blog wasn't cooperating and the double page photo wouldn't load, but you get the drift. You can see how my spooky pictures still work with this line! Some of the happy pumpkins look scared and the spider page is my fave! Thanx for stopping by :-) hop over to Scrapbooker's Paradise to see the complete shopping list. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Haunting part 1

It's here!! it's here!!! The new Graphic 45 line, Happy Haunting!! I was very excited to see this at the store last week! 2 of my favourite things, Graphic 45 and Halloween. Now, normally I don't do too much "cutesy" Halloween, but these pages made me pleasantly surprised, I t had just enuff spook, that I was able to merge my haunted house with the paper! I did a 2 page layout, but I am teasing you and only showing you one side.... on Wednesday, you can see the other side :-) 

I thot I would show you where my glorious dies are organized. Sizzix came out with this spinner awhile back, and since then I have it filled with all my gorgeous Tim dies, they are at my fingertips... and as you know... I use them daily!  

 For the brads on today's page I did my fave new technique of heating the brad, and dipping it into the jar of embossing powder, then heating it more and getting a wonderful matching brad.
 This one I stopped heating when I saw the bumpy surface, I liked that effect. If I kept heating, it would become smooth. This is the Lindy's Stamp Gang color, Midnight Violet Obsidian, and it's BEAUTIFUL!
 Here is page one, layered with many of the awesome papers! And there is my Tim Die, Branch Tree, which I have used for fall, winter ( with a bit of snow ) and I've cut the branches and used them for various projects.
 Side view to show of the layering, the tree, one tag and the Happy Haunting have pop dots behind them. See you Wednesday for part 2 :-)

Have a Happy Scrappy Day. Hop over to Scrapbooker's Paradise to see the shopping list.