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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Halloween Ornament

We have a brand new company to our store, they are called Wall Sugar  Co. and they have a variety of wood blocks that we have been having fun with! Holly at work made a cute baby ornament, but I had to spookify one and turn it into a Halloween ornament, it will hang proudly on my Halloween Tree in a few weeks...... I have made 2 already, one is using the paper line Chillingsworth Manor by Echo park, but the one I am showing is using pictures. 

 First I glued on squares of black paper with a green core. I sanded the edges so the color would show thru. The glue I used was Modpodge. After all the squares were done, I printed and cut my photos a little smaller so the green edges would show. I glued them down using modpodge again and then put a coat on top of the the picture. While the glue was still wet I sprinkled some microfine glitter across the photo to give it a sparkly high light.
 Once it was all dry, I screwed a screw eye into the top and bottom. I made a big fluffly bow and glued a spider onto the front of it. Then I made a big fluffy bow for the bottom.
I strung a few bling pieces and looped them thru the bottom so I had some dangling jewels. These are from Prima. This was so fun to make, my brain is ticking as to all the ways I can use these blocks! More to follow I'm sure!  Hope you have a Happy Scrappy Day, hop over to Scrapbookers Paradise to see the supply list. And leave comments, I love to hear from you!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Haunting Board book house

Ok, here we go .... my instructions for the Happy Haunting Halloween board book :-)

First step, get all your sticky stuff done... Cover 2 clocks with Glossy accents. One small, one medium. The medium clock we will be cutting out the dangling pumpkpin also.  
 cover the Happy Haunting spider web with crackle accents. Top right hand corner. The top strip you will need for a small booklet. Cut off that whole strip, and just crackle the last one. Booklet step to follow.

 Put diamond stickles around the edge of the hanging sign. You can use either side, your choice.
 Find the black cat and cover him with glossy accents. We wil be cutting him out so only cover the cat.
 Assemble your cat and raven, by glueing onto chipboard. The cat has 2 sides. Cover them on one side with black stickles, and give the cat a green stickle eye and the raven a yellow or red eye.
 Put all of those away for now to dry.
 Cut out the frame on the page with the big house scene. Cut at the second orang line.
 find your black clock paper, measure before you glue. The clocks are the background, then the fence is a pocket and the border will go all around. You will have to cut the frame to size, mitre the corners, piece together as best you can. Then lay all papers out and make sure you have all the black board covered. Once you have shifted the papers til they are good. Glue down. For all my board books I use Zig 2 way glue. This is my favourite glue to get right to the edge.... also it gives me leeway in case I have to shift the paper as this is re-positionable when it's blue, then it turns permanent.

  glue clocks first, brayer over top.

flip over and cut off extra, you will need a piece of this save it. 
the fence is a pocket. Use sookwang tape on 3 sides and attach to the bottom of the page

Glue down border.

complete for now, we'll come to this later. 
fence is a pocket. 

working from the back on the large house piece, and get the blue paper with stars all over it.  Apply glue to the chipboard house... then line up on the paper, roll a brayer over the piece to flatten completely. Now turn the piece over and with your knife cut away the excess. This will give you a cleaner edge than scissors.
glue entire piece all the way to the edge.

lay the glue side onto paper, this is the reverse of the stars.
flip over and cut with knife

 I have the Prima blade, and it is the best I have ever used.

the piece you cut off will be a pocket. There are 2 pockets, don't glue the star piece at the bottom, put it a little higher up and leave room for the bottom pocket.
there is a tag that will go into this pocket, so size it so the tag doesn't sit too high out of the house.

apply sookwang on 3 sides and layer onto back piece.
fence piece is also a pocket, don't glue down yet. Cut to size,
apply sookwang on 3 sides, but don't peel tape off yet.
find your chair, glue the chair legs to the fence, make sure you size it so the chair is inside the house.
now cut the chair where it lines up with the fence top.
now you have 2 pieces.
now you can glue in the fence pocket. Line the top of the chair back up to the bottom, glue to the blue star paper. Don't glue the very top of the chair that sticks above your pocket
one pocket....
 2 pockets...your bling swirl is a piece of the bling in your package, it is cut in 2 pieces... snip it at the tail the left over is used on another page.
 find your tag, glue the back side of it with your Zig glue, lay the lined paper onto the tag, use brayer.
 poke hole thru the tag hole, cut around the tag

 use vintage photo ink across the clocks, and the back edges to give it an old look.
 cut off a piece of the Halloween banner, and place it across the fold line on the tag.
 tie the black tulle in a knot place in top pocket. You can add more photo or journal tags to this spot.
 The ghosties have no purpose.... I just wanted Glue them to the plastic tag, use zig it will dry clear. Place them into the bottom pocket, they look like they are floating on the chair :-)
 tie 2 short black sheer ribbons onto tag with a double knot. complete page :-)
 Next page, the piece with one opening. STOP> this is the small pumpkin page. you need to place this on the top left corner over the witch of the paper with all the tags and stuff. We need most of this page so make sure you cut in the right place. :-)
 once glued, cut out house shape, and inside window. Save the window piece.
find the striped piece with the top cut up. STOP this is back side of the small pumpkins. Do not glue this side down yet. Line it up and cut the house shape out and the window, do not glue. 
pieces are seperate.  
 find the girl with the cat. Cut the square out along the blue.

 place this piece under the stripe piece before you glue down. There will be some parts not covered make sure you have all of the Jolly Halloween showing. NOW you can glue down. On the reverse you will see pumpkins in the window.

 find your 3 small orange pieces. These are your photo mats.
 Find your 2 pieces of black grosgrain ribbon. One will be the tab for the door the other is your door hinge. Find the one that is the same size as your door piece. Put it aside. The other one is your tab, one side to each side of the door.
 use fabritac and glue down the small pumpkin piece. Tab to the left. The glue the orange piece that to the back of the that, the one that is the same size as the door. tab to the right.
 put pop dots on the back of the orange piece that is almost square, the longer piece goes on the front. Place inside door at an angle. The door will not close, it isn't make too.
 find the poem piece... O let us cast.... cut out, distress the edges, ink the edges, and glue onto the orange inner door piece.

 glue the longer orange piece to outside.
 take your black ribbon, and place sookwang along one side of it, covering the whole surface. Peel off backing and place 1/2 on the door and 1/2 on the "wall" this is your door hinge. Cut out 2 stamps from the tag paper. Beside where the girl and cat were. You need the longer stamp elsewhere, don't use it yet. These are shorter stamps. Cut 2 of the 3 left on the sheet. crumple them up and use pop dots to glue them above door. The strip of cats is from the piece of paper with the glossy accents on the black cat. glue to the bottom. Complete.
 now finish the back side. Find" a joyful halloween" place one pop dot on each end of the saying, place 2 pop dots on top of each other in the middle, and this will give a rounded effect. Glue the pen nib on with fabritac, give it a good thick coat. STOP before you glue the flourish on, punch the holes on your book page so you can wrap the flourish around the hole. There is a pink placement guide in your kit, line up the bottom and sides and punch holes with your cropodile or big bite. Use Zig for the flourish. Complete.

find the purple paper with all the words on it.

 glue onto back of piece with chair and ghosts.
 the cat slides across the ribbon... i'll show you how in a sec... :-)

many photo spots of journalling spots under here. If you have the die from Tim Hanging sign, you can cut your photos out in the same shape. ok back to the cat.
 cut out the black cat... find a piece of sheer ribbon the width of your book.
 glue a piece of scrap paper onto the back of the cat so that the ribbon can slide thru. then glue both ends with fabritac lining the cat up so it stays inside the book along the bottom, In class a few ladies glues at an angle, that was kewl too.
 glue your hanger for the sign to your chipboard piece. Again, you can choose which way you want your sign to hang depending on which side you want to see. Find all your jumprings, divide evenly and attach together. Place rings in hanger part, size up where your sign will hang and glue down.  In class some of the ladies used popdots, I like that effect. but it was too late for me. Once your hanger is down, cut out the word Halloween and glue onto sign front. There is a black flower in your kit. Bend up the petals, glue the 2 pieces together off set with each other, use the rhinestone in the middle, and fabritac down above the sign.
 STOP, this one is tricky. 
 pop out all the windows, find the paper with the spiders all over it. If you haven't already cut the top strip of the flip side of this paper, proceed with caution. You will be using the bottom half of this paper, now. DO NOT GLUE DOWN. place the glue along the bottom under the window only. Now place on paper, and cut out house shape and all four windows.... still do not glue any more down.
find and cut out the larger stamp from the upper part of tag paper. Now because this isn't glued all the way down, you can place the stamp at an angle under the spider paper. You will see thru the window around the stamp. Now you can finish gluing down this side BUT not the very top... we need to put a hat there later.
For the door handle make your hole now with your big bite, put a brad thru, a touch loose so the jump ring with your keys can fit around the handle. When you place the paper on the back side the brad prongs will now be hidden. Cut out Happy Haunting around the scroll, not the black. Crumple a bit and glue both ends. Line up the ends with the book edges and place. This will give a random bumpy lifted sign. Tie a knot in the tulle and glue with fabritac. Place the piece of left over along bottom.
STOP on the back side you will need the black squiggly line paper. Find that. Then cut out the crackle accent piece with happy haunting and the spider. Glue it to one of the punched out window pieces, cut to size. Make sure you cut from the top to save the spider and the writing. Now pop it back into the lower right hand side. Turn over.
Happy hauting.... lower right hand side.

this is how the back will look. STOP Glue the back, including the window you just added, but leave the tip unglued for the hat.   Place the black squiggle paper over piece. Cut out 2 windows.... from the other side you won't see thru  the stamp any more but you will see a hint of another pattern underneath.
now you have 2 open windows. On one side you can pop dot the little orange photo mat, and cut out the black clock from the newspaper black print paper. pop dot that as well. The green clock on top is the smaller glossy accented one. Cut it out and find all your orange circles and one purple one. Line up all your circles with the purple on the back. Line up with top or green clock and punch a hole with big bite. Put the brad thru a bit loosley so the pieces can swivel, these are little photo mats. Now glue the purple piece to the book.
HAT: cut out your 2 witch hats. Glue the top peaks together. Cut a slit in the bottom of the hat, yellow opening. You are going to sandwich the hat between the board and paper so that it looks like the house is wearing the hat. Now you can glue the the opening down. See picture 4 above to see close up. Complete.

 Ok the fence, one side at a time. ..... there are 2 peices of black fence and one chip board, one tree and a post ( bracket) with a striped side and a pumpkin side. ( make sure you have the piece with the pumpkins right side up ) Get all those pieces, also find the paper with pumpkin faces on the back.
First cut 2 pieces of pumpkin faces out so they line up along the top of the fence but not above into the pickets. Glue the pumpkin pieces together, back to back, so there are pumpkins on both side. Line up your black fence pieces one on either side of the chip board so they line up. Now glue the pumpkins to one side of the chip board, glue black fence on either side of  pumpkins so you can see the pumpkins thru both black pickets.
 Cut a strip of happy Halloween for the front side of the fence.
glue your post pieces to the chip board. Pumpkins right side up. Glue the fence onto the post. Linging up the side and bottom. Glue the tree into the inside of fence, along the bottom. Now get the pieces for the other side of the fence. Glue the black fence to either side of the chip board. Nothing is sandwiched between this side.
 glue a strip of Halloween along bottom of outside of fence. Add a touch of grass, or moss or shred something behind tombstone. It is made out of shrink plastic. So I used fabritac, moss, fabritac, tombstone and squished them into each other.
on the inside I glued the cat up high at the bottom of the picket, so I can see it a bit on the outside. Glue your post together pumpkins insdie, stripe outside. Complete. Punch all your holes for the rings using your guide. Layer book together, and clip rings into book. Add random ribbons tied in knots onto rings. We're almost done :-)

Cut out the green clock with pumpkin pendulum. Give yourself a bigger stem than what is drawn. Black on black you won't see it. Pop dot the clock slightly above the edge of the book. Fabritac the raven on the book.

Now we need to fill the pocket.
 cut out the witch and the owl tag from that paper piece. You have 3 peices of cardstock black and orange. layer them with the witch as the cover, the owls the back cover and the alternating cardstock. inside. Punch a hole with your big bite, small size, and feed 2 small black sheer ribbons thru and tie a loose knot.
 Glue the cat poem into the cover and
 the large squares onto the orange. The squares are from the colored tag page.

 Cut out the little strip of the four pictures between the happy haunting spider. Cut along the outside of the black edge. Score and fold accordian style with the flying witch on the front. Use a strip of sookwang along the back page and place the long black sheer ribbon across it. Tie a bow in front.
 In the last piece of the black newspaper paper, there is a paragraph with the word Halloween in it twice. Cut those 2 words out, giving your self space to glue, and glue them between the file tabs so that Halloween shows thru the tab. Attach onto the 2 file cards in a place that doesn't cover the words.
 and guess what?.....
you are done!! Ok one last thing.... if you want a floor, use the extra piece of tulle, and cut the black scrap of cardstock in half. The Tulle is going to be your hinge. Lay fabritac down along the 2 joining edges of the back side of the book, and floor piece, give yourself enuff space for the floor to swing forwards. When you place the tulle over the glue and then sandwich it with the cardstock you have your self a hinge. For the floor brick you can use anything to make it I used a brick template, and versa mark, then brushed perfect pearls over it. For the path I pressed the versa mark over the board, and used the Frantage embossing powders and heat embossed it. You can paint, or stain, or do anything your imagination can create.

Ok NOW you are done.... congratulations!!! :-)