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The gift of making fortunate discoveries by accident, a talent for making discoveries while searching for other things.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A teaser

WARNING! This post has no photo! I know what your saying ' what? But Selena is all about the photos??' well here's the thing, I am doing the Jan 4th post on the Scrapbooker's Paradise blog, and if you look at the calendar it's not Jan 4th yet! Problem is I was kinda excited when I finished so I thot I could at least share the excitement! And maybe you'll be back to see the final project moihaha. My evil plan at work! I'm not even going to tell you what line I used, but I can tell you where the inspiration came from ....I have 100's of pictures of Maddie's self portrait in the mirror ( ok 1000's) and some are my favorite pics, so the idea started from this collection of photo's where you can see the camera in the mirror, ( I think the camera makes the pic that much more special!)
So that's my hint hehe see ya Jan 4th!! :-)


Shari said...

You evil woman you - teasing us all like this!!!! Can't wait to see your creation!! On a side note thanks for the Christmas card - love it!!!

Dean and Selena said...

You're welcome for the card :-) That was so fun to do! And about the post.... like I said EVIL plan moi hahahahaha