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Monday, May 27, 2013

Kewl Canvas

 This past week my friend Katie was visiting from Winnipeg, she comes every year at this time, and I always try and think of fun places to go.... and a fun project to do! My other friend Carolyn, who is very talented and has made many very kewl creations on canvas, offered to come and share some ideas with us. So..... off we went to the junk drawer to find odds and ends. Katie is a quilter so hers was based on that theme, and mine was..... well..... yes Maddie lol and a little bit of Alice in Wonderland.

The first step you have to do to your bare canvas, is coat it with Gesso. This gives it a base, that has "grip" now for everything to be glued to. Then with liquid glue, I used Fabritac, and a hot glue for a couple of pieces. Don't worry about color when you are selecting your items..... you will see why momentarily!
So here I have a random selection of things, some with meaning, some for space filler. On the background you need some texture, I have a piece of a metal screen, some burlap, gauze, and tissue paper. In every empty space I filled in with flowers or small oddities. There is sea glass, earrings, some flat some raised, random is the fun part. It's like a scavenger hunt after finding all the things that make up the canvas.
now the entire canvas is covered in gesso. There were a few pieces that would not cover, like some black trinkets. And some flowers bled thru'. The choice is yours at this point. You can recoat those pieces until they stay or white, or you can let them show thru as I chose to do on a few pieces.

 After everything was dry, I protected my picture with a piece of plastic and sprayed glimmer mist at first with a fine mist, then got in tight and sprayed a small deep spray. Some places I dabbed dry and some I left to drip. I used 3 colors but the mix of wet glimmer mist made a couple of other colors in the mix. You can let the color fully dry in between but I liked the combo, I picked soft earthy colors to match my photo, but Carolyn used a sepia photo and that had a great effect too.

 I took a close up of the 4 corners of the canvas for you, now the hunt I should have counted how many pieces I used!
 This is a great way to use up left over trinkets, odds and ends, and things with colors that don't go with anything!
that iguana was an earring, and I love the little stacked mushrooms. See what else you can find.... and.... Have a Happy Scrappy Day!
Here is Katie's quilting themed creation. Great gift idea!

Hop over to Scrapbooker's Paradise for a supply list. Thanx for stopping by.


Linda Pekrul said...

Oh WOW! This is just stunning!! Love, love, love it!!

fairyrocks said...

You know I have been tossing around this idea in my head...{well of course you know that...we must have been separated at birth or something}
Any how SPECTACULAR My Dear Watson, well done indeed.

Dean and Selena said...

Thnx guys and Pam- you are fun to channel lol!