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Friday, June 16, 2017

Lavendar Haze Kit Blitz 4

The layouts for 'Lavendar Haze' June kit
 This Kaisercraft paper is so beautiful and versatile. I used it for summer photos and 3-D projects. However, it would be a perfect young child or baby set with the muted tones. The sticker sheet has amazing crisp cut edges, very little to no extra background color border. I LIKE that too!
 Get one before they are all gone!
I loved the wistful feeling of this photograph. I wanted to include the other photo, but didn't want it to compete with the main photo. I stacked them so the background was extended. Then made a simple flip forward photo. To do this use the ribbons to act as the pivot point for the flip, reinforce the fold with a piece of border trim. Then add a journal card to the larger postcard sheet to cover the back of the top photo.
 These layouts for my sweet granddaughter are flat. Not my usual look. I am thinking she might appreciate some simple layouts in her books! Love this child!

I used the heart emboss vellum sheet to soften the background matting. Then stacked a row of buttons along the center point.
The waves are cut with a die from the stash. I kept the background purposely uncluttered. Mainly because I wanted the focus to be on the fun the kids are having with Dad. I added minimal journaling along the waves. The photos don't need explaining. They will remember these hot lazy summer days always.
The water photos had odd heads of background people in them. So, I snipped and clipped till the focus came back to Dad and the kids. Although this is a double layout, they can easily be split into two to go in each child's album. The current tittle is chipboard laser cut from the kit, emboss with blue enamel with gold flecks embossing powder.
I always try to take the flower photos. These grow along the front deck. I am not an expert photographer. But, I found a fun way to incorporate several pictures into this LO. I snipped and clipped then layered with pop-dots under to give them a 3-D look. I did the same for the Poppies!
Most of the peonies originally were around the farmhouse where I grew up
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