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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tropical Chocolate Box

If you're like us, after Christmas there are all kinds of empty chocolate boxes lying around. Now, I know that Graphic 45 has 2 great boxes for sale right now, so if you don't have any of your own, those will work perfectly also!
 Ok  here we go.... first thing was to get rid of labels, ribbons and I was undecided about the window, until I started working on it. I ended up keeping the plastic and losing the picture of chocolate lol! I love the Graphic 45 tropical line... so that part was easy!
 This is the finished project :-) and now the how to......
 After choosing the paper, I found the sheet I wanted for the top of the box. I pressed in where the window was to get an indent, and then cut to size. I have used many glues but my favourite is still the Zig 2 way glue. Once all the sides and, top and bottom were covered and inside it was time to decorate. Graphic 45 paper is so beautiful it doesn't take much to give it a finished look! I bought both sizes of paper, 12x12 and the 8x8 pad. On the back side of one sheet there were all these gorgeous stamps! So I cut a few, crumpled them up,  and glued them on. I ran a repeat sticker across the top that says Jamaica. That's our next destination.
 I gave the fish bubbles with the Prima gems and hung a Prima trinket with a Tim Holtz ring. Prima flowers and leaves gave the corners their finishing touch.
Once all the goodies were complete I sprayed Goosebumps all over it. This gave it a wet look, like it was dug up on a beach! lol
When you open the box, it reveals the prize.... the board book. But I think I'll make you wait to see how the book goes together! 

Ok Fine I won't tease you lol! Here is the "How To" for the  book.

 I kept in mind that the theme is sand, beach, and water. So I used allot of string, bling and hidden "treasures!"
 I used 2 different Sizzix edge dies for the pages" Brackets". The chocolate box was 7x7 so my book is 6x6. With a book this small it's hard to get allot of pictures in, and I'm all about the pictures! So I tried to jam as many in as possible. Front cover, space for 2 photos. The vial is for a sample of sand.... when I get to Jamaica.  On the edge of the photo mat I used perfect medium and perfect pearls, in a jagged pattern. Most of it will be covered with photos anyway, but this will give a soft shimmery edge. Finished with some Prima bling and flowers, and the Tim Holtz film strip. This is after all, a photo book!
 Page 2 and 3. Keep in mind you may have to alter how many pages you do, according to the size of the box you find. If you use the Graphic 45 boxes, this amount of pages will fit. Hero Arts has coordinating stamps with the Graphic 45 lines. The stamp set I used was Travelogue #1. There are 3 matching stamp sets. I started with my green background, and stamped the hibiscus and stamp logo in the corners away from the photo mats. I added the Tim Holtz Elegant flourish to the edge of page 2. Finished with some stickles following  the pattern on the background paper. Page 3  I made a pocket, and embossed it with the Sizzix folder. Any design will do.  This one I used brads to hold the sides. Wrapped with string a few times, knotted it and attached it to the board. Note: page 4 is still blank so I can hide the brad backs with the background paper.
 There were a few island adventure tags in the paper mix, I tore the edges, inked them with faded Jeans distress ink, and put eyelets and string thru to add little note cards. Then I added two photo mats, that can sit in the pocket. Ric rack edge was the final touch.
 Page 4 & 5 This paper was a bit busier, so I double matted for the photos.Both edges were distressed and inked.  The flourish is just a piece of the same die on the previous page. I found some white flowers, inked the edges with Picket fence distress ink, and stamped the Hero Arts postage stamp on the petals. String and a button finishes the flower. A few orange blingys and matted a tag that came in the Tropical chipboard set.

 Page 5 had the first "hidden treasure" when you untie the bow, it reveals a fold out that will hold 3 or 4 larger photos. Any chipboard pieces I used were from the same set. The front is the 12x12 paper journal notes, where as the previous page had the 8x8 size.  Along the edges of both pages I ran a coordinating stickle.
3 or 4, because you could put a picture on the second fold before opening all the way.
 Page 6 and 6.5 (haha) Again my love for this paper caused me grief. I didn't want to cover up all the paper, so I cut 2 pieces, and hinged it so I could get a big picture... and save the pattern! I know I'm funny that way! For the hinge, I used Sookwang tape along the back of the ribbon. Cut the ribbon exactly as wide as your flip piece and brayer the heck out of it so you know it is good and stuck! Voila you have a pretty hinge!
 The tab is 2 of the button chipboard pieces glued together with the page between them. Pierce a hole and fed string thru to make a bow. I dabbed fabri-tac on the knot, because this one never has to be untied. The journal piece I edged with stickles again.
 You could put a picture on the back, but I am keeping mine open to see the pretty fisheys :-) I had some left over Sookwang tape, and this paper was a tad short, so I used the tape along top and bottom, and sprinkled glitter ritz to give it a nice sparkly edge. ( Shh don't tell anyone it was cause the paper was short) If you look close you may be able to see a few bubbles made out of crystal stickles randomly from some fish.
 Just in case there is tiny memorabilia to save, I added 2 back to back envelopes. I sandwiched cardboard between them and folded a new edge, as these envelopes were too big for my book size. These ones have a shiny surface so I used Stayzon ink, which is your non-porous ink to stamp with. I used scrap paper to cover the sticky part of the envelope so it doesn't accidentally (in the humidity) glue shut! ( Plus it's prettier)
 Page 7 and 7.5 Envelope is the same just a different color.
 Secret hinge again.
 When you flip it open you have your space for the photo, again you can cover the background, I just chose to flip instead.

 Page 8 and 9 Last pages.... I did cut one more, but it was too many for the height of this box. More white flowers with some stickles and ink and a pretty brad. Because the flip side of this page is done I didn't put the brads all the way thru. Time to jam in as many pictures as possible now!
 There was a cute little row of birds that I scored and inked and cut around the rounded edges. Glued string on the back of it, glued the fold out book into place and then you have....birdies on one side....
 ...and more blank space for a few photos. This could also be photos on both sides, or made with cardstock, the patterned paper isn't a "make or break" decision if you don't have that piece.
 I freehand cut 3 large tags, stapled some ribbon on top and made a pocket for 6 more photos.

And the back. I usually don't put anything on the back beside it gets beat up, so a pretty piece of paper
is all you need.

I used rings, but this book could be wire bound with the Cinch, or tied with ribbon. If you use the metal rings, add some ribbon to make it fancy :-)

Hope you enjoyed the project, have a Happy Scrappy Day! Hop on over to Scrapbookers Paradise and see what everyone is up to :-)
 You can get a complete Product list and links to the store there too :-)


Shari said...

WOW, WOW, WOW Miss Selena you have really outdone yourself on this baby!! It's stunning, gorgeous, amazing, etc, etc, etc, and when are you planning on teaching a class on this one?!!!

Dean and Selena said...

That was such a nice comment :-) until you mentioned the teaching word!! ( Selena runs kicking and screaming from the building! )