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Sunday, February 5, 2012

A little foldout booklet

Ok, my last post was Massive! so I promise to do smaller Here is a little fold out photo book that I made years ago, and thot I would re visit it with a new splash, and show all our wonderful readers. This would be cute for Valentine's day too you can make it into a card!

First step is to get 3 pieces of paper cut to 8x8. 
You can use cardstock, or patterned paper, just make sure it is on the thicker side. I used a solid color to show you because it was easier to see the score marks without a printed pattern. 
Score each paper corner to corner only once. 

Then score at 4 inches across the middle and then the other way, so you have one diagonal fold and a cross thru the middle. Do this for for all three.

Glue the squares together so that the center overlaps both outside. 
Fold along your scoring. Bring the 2 outside pieces up on the diagonal...
and the center one fold down on the diagonal
 When you bring them all together
 they will make a square again.  

Cut 2 pieces of Patterned paper for the front and back cover. 5x5
  Cut 2 pieces of cardboard 4x4 for inside the front and back cover.
 Cover the cardboard and fold  the sides under.
 sandwich the ribbon between the cardboard cover and the back page

 Then when you adhere the cover to the front
 and back of the folded square you made,
 it will be sandwiched between the layers.

Decorate as you wish. 

 I used the Sew Easy tool to punch hearts into the the 2 blank squares

 Sewed the red floss...
Added some Prima bling
 Tied the bow and it is done. 
This is my finished project. I will write sweet nothings on the blank part, and I have a cute card for my hubby .

The photo sizes will end up being 3.5 and you can fit 4 into the booklet. Also... I guess this wasn't as short a post as I promised after all????

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fairyrocks said...

Awesome Selena,
You do know I would need 4 more thumbs to so this LOL...just sayin'
Keep smiling and creating

Shari said...

Great idea and your tutorial is awesome!! You definitely need to try out for the dt at you know where!!! ( I'll just keep bugging you, so you'd better just do it!!! )

Sparkly Pink Star said...

wow this is awesome! love it!