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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I can has Sunbeam?

Happy Wednesday everyone! Please forgive me for what I'm about to say, in the page I designed for today I realized after the fact that the paper line I used just went to sale.... :-(  But..... there are 2 new fascinating products that I wanted to show you, so I posted the page anyway. This was a very busy weekend with Camp Croppin, AND Calgary Expo ( our version of Comicon ) so I will show you the page, and I will also be posting some pics from Camp Croppin put on by Scrapbooker's  Paradise, and it was a phenomenal event!!!
 This is my wonderful cat Lucky laying in a sunbeam.... oh to have a cat's life!!
This is Lyndy's embossing powder. We went to a class the other night to learn about Lyndy's product and WOW! First thing that amazed me was when the embossing powder was poured onto a piece of cardstock, in  a little pile, and then heated from UNDERNEATH, that's not a typo! And notice I didn't say to use any versa mark for this way to do this embellishment. Now that the powder is hot and melted, stamp into right away with a RUBBER stamp, and you have a very kewl effect. What is hard to see in this photo, is how shimmery this powder is! Beautiful colors!! I love it!
Next is the new Tim Holtz die that I have been waiting for, ( ok I wait for all of them ) but this one is my favorite!!
 It has the whole alphabet, and numbers and an & symbol!! So imagine, being able to cut letters to match any layout, ( yes a cricut will do this ) but.... because it is the big die, you could put up to 3 - 5 pieces of cardstock or patterend paper, or a piece of chip board, or magnet or plastic.... or, or, or, anyway, back to the cardstock, if I ran a few pieces thu' I bet I could spell anything I wanted to, without running out of letters! And in perfect Tim form, the letters are an awesome fun font!! Plus I could start my own little alphabet drawer for extras!
and there is my cute cat, "I can has sunbeam?"
Have a happy scrappy day! Hop over to Scrapbookers Paradise to get the complete product list.

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fairyrocks said...

Nicely done, and thanks for the info on Lindy's.
Ah, to live a Kats life...