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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Graveyard in a bottle

More Halloween Goodness :-)

I found a clock in a bell jar at Value Village awhile back, and waited for an idea to hit me in the head.... well it happened. Tim Holtz brought out little white Woodland trees.... and low and behold an idea was born!! I love that Tim left them white.... this way they could be sprayed for Christmas.... or Halloween, guess which way I went?? First I sprayed the tree with a mix of purple glimmer mist and Pegleg Pete by Lindy's stamp gang. Then I took Fusible webbing by Lindy and wrapped the tree... I heated that with my heat tool and while it was still hot I sprinkled midnight obsidian embossing powder all over it and heated it again. The tree was untouched but by the heat, but now it had a lovely webbing all over it and a gorgeous purple glow!!
Sorry I have no pictures up to this point.... I really had no idea where I was going yet, and failed to photograph anything. 

 Next I found a nice piece of paper I wanted on the base, I crumpled it up, and sprayed it with water to soften it, also when I heat dry it it will hold the shape better than just straight crumpling it.
 This is my bell jar with all the clock parts removed... you can see there is a base still that I was unable to get out, but no fear..... you will never know!
 it was much too shiny for Halloween, so I got out my trusty alcohol inks in slate and copper and applied them to the base
 here is my mix of color
 then I added some acrylic paint for the patina effect.
 once I was done, I sprayed the crumpled paper and the base with goosebumps... mainly because it said GOOSEBUMPS lol but it did give me a nice finish :-)
 hard to see here but a stuck a spider inside and out, so either way you looked in you would see a spider, not a white backing, put some string thru 2 Halloween words back to back , and hung them inside the jar. I also cut out 2 bats and did the same thing back to back and glued it to the jar with glossy accents.
 here is my finished base, now glue it down with mixed media glue, or fabri tac.

 I couldn't find any small pumpkins so I cut a few orange rough circles, different sizes, drew some lines on them and put a pop dot in the middle of 2 pieces. Then I cut a piece of brown paper and glued it at the top
 I held it together with a clamp so it would stay closed on the top , and open on the bottom, to give more of a rounded effect.
 I added a few spiders and orange bling to the tree, I also draped the chain from Tim Holtz's ball chain. I glued it with mixed media glue.
 The paper line and stickers I used was from Echo Park's Chillingsworth Manor and Carta Bella's All Hallow's Eve
 the crosses are from the disney sticker sheet from Frankenweenie.

Close the lid, and voila, graveyard in a bottle

Hope you are having a Spooktacular day :-) Happy scrappin

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