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Friday, May 22, 2015

Fun Friday Art Journal starters

     Here is a fun Art Journal idea
I am a member of a group that is just for fun
and offers a different prompt every month.
Start with a blank page take a low
tack painters tape and design some journal spots
you could do geometric pattern free hand, corners.
I did a irregular oval.
Next design your entire piece over top
and around the tape.
 Remove the tape and write in the spaces
left by the tape.
This is fun to do, you will need a craft mat
Hot glue gun, spray, blank journal page
Free hand a design on your craft mat with the
hot glue. Think, Large flower, free hand, sky's the limit.
Allow it to cool and harden.
Next place it strategically on your paper.
Spray over top, alternating position and protecting
previously sprayed area with paper towel.
Stamp and journal around your designs.
For all your scrapbooking journal needs

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