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Friday, May 15, 2015


 It's time for all the Gypsy Hearted to jump in the camper and go!
 Sizzix has a new die that is just perfect
for this 3-D camper. Instead of the chipboard cut out, I used
poker chips for wheels. Just secure inside with a hot
glue gun before you decorate
I used white glue to secure the  pieces together.
that's why it has a rubber band holding it overnight to dry.
If I do it again. I will use a hot glue gun.
Note I had to adjust the pattern a bit as I
 used a light weight cardboard.
 If you use chipboard you should not have to adjust,
 only assemble the pieces. .
 I used scraps from a Bo Bunny layout for this project
It needed a little Gypsy banner on the back.
Add some silver yarn to the seams, jewels for lights
Use your imagination, add an awning. 
I ran some metallic paper through
the cuttle bug to give it a bit of texture

 Highlighted the screw ends with a dark marker
I replaced the original chipboard hitch cutout with
the ends from cheap foam brushes. Note the circle
placement marks on the front of the camper. I used
the end of a regular pin to secure the 'ball' to the arms.
These are from Prima sold as door knobs.
 Clip the closure end off of your pin.
Double back the ends with a pair of pliers leaving
them slightly larger than the opening. Push them into the
opening where the foam brush formerly was. 
 Cover all pieces with embossing fluid, I used a
silver to replicate that old chrome look.
NOTE: The metal ball holds the heat so set it
aside to cool down before handling.
Carefully score the hole with a blade in X or* fashion.
Test gently till the ends of your hitch poles
will slide inside with just a bit of resistance.
Have fun. This Retro Camper / Gypsy Caravan
is a fun project. You could use a simpler version
for party favors, a fantastic kids party craft.
Just pre assemble the shell and have them decorate
With  a selection of precut fun papers.

Leave the back open and decorate the entire inside?.
Ask Selena about the Die for this one!!! 
for all you RVr's Here are some fun
RV Hacks I found on the Web

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