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Friday, August 28, 2015

Fun Friday with Pam

Fall again and the kids are heading back to school!
Enjoy your last big long weekend. To help you get organized for the first day, here is a 'PINTEREST INSPIRED' list of ideas for first day of school 'scrap worthy' pictures I wish I would have had when mine were still young enough to be poseable LOL
Don't stress if you don't get it the first day. We are scrapbookers, we can fudge the dates and embellish with other photos as needed.
1.} Getting on the bus, walking to the bus, from the window of course!
2.}Holding and framing their face, fancy frame, plain frame, make sure to note what is in the background to make this one effective and uncluttered
3.}Love the chalkboard sayings, you could have a lot of fun with this one. Name, age, date, grade, school, what they want to be when they grow up in their own words?
4.}This would be great to do if you were a teacher. Or every year with your kids or grandkids. Even an interview on paper is a great journal starter to have.
5.}Buy it big and photograph them EVERY YEAR from the beginning!
6.} Chalk on the concrete, classic! I would also try to remember to photograph them as they look when they come home after their first day. LOL not the carefully coifed tidy little people we send out.
7.} For the seniors, holding a kindergarten photo!
8.}LOVE  this idea
9.} Choose a quiet road. {not to be tried with young children}
10.} The whole family!

That's a start! What is your favourite photo you have taken or will try to take? CHARGE YOUR CAMERA BATTERY TODAY
Thank You Pinterest

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Dean and Selena said...

That was FUN Pam thanx!!!