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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Distress Marker Sticker Smooshing!

Morning Crafty Peeps! Karla here today, and I hope you're enjoying a wonderful week so far. Today, I'm sharing a technique I've named Distress Marker Sticker Smooshing ;) I had some cute, but plain stickers in my stash and just thought they needed some oomph. Of course, what do you do when anything needs oomph? Distress It! I used some bright colours of markers and rubbed them on an acrylic stamp block, one at a time, before spritzing the block with water. Then I simply turned the block over and smooshed it onto my sticker paper, repeating as desired!

To bring it up a notch I then stamped over top with Archival Ink. Now it's ready to add to a card or put into some Happy Mail for a friend!

For these pretty round stickers I chose a few different colours of Distress Markers and sentiment stamps.

I love the watercolour look this technique gives - even on sticker paper!

A few more narrow sentiment stamps and a few different marker colours work perfectly for this sheet.

I can see these working for a scrapbook page too!

Thanks so much for joining me today! I'd love to hear what you think adding a little Distress love to would make it better!

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