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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Island Escape Kit Blitz !

The March Kit is HERE!
There is also coordinating Ink and Stickle's not shown in this photo
It is just a gorgeous set of Island inspired papers and embellishment's to work with. You can buy one in store, or online HERE
I only had a small amount of time to work with this kit when I first had it in hand. I couldn't find the photos {in my carefully catalogued and stored....files}  Undaunted I thought, 'Well I can do a LO or two and put the photos in when they surface!' There are so many beautiful double sided papers, that I couldn't choose on this one, so opted to make a 2 for 1 layout. You can mount this in your album, just take out the center cardstock in your sleeve, so you can see both sides.
Here's HOW: I did these two ten minute layouts!
-Cut word strips off Makai and Kahakai
-choose 2 sentiments from Kahakai paper 
On Maki flower side come in towards the center 1 inch down from top and over from the right side. Cut across 7inches and  down 7-1/2 inches. Finish cutting to form a rectangle cut out.
-Flip the cut out piece over; see the idea in this photo:
-Mat slightly bigger.
-I matted twice.
-NOTES: I am a 'PPG' Paper-Pinching-Grinch, so I will cut the center of the mats out too. I have been doing this so long, that it only takes me seconds. To do this, I cut the mats to size. Then come inside each about 1/2 inch and take the centers out. I use them to mat smaller photos, as well as journal pieces, banners, things like that!
-Ink all edges.
-Note: I only glued 3 sides of sentiment to form pocket, as well as I just tacked the outside edges of the word strip. This will allow me to position the photos once I FIND THEM! This is now ready for your photo or photos

Okay that took about 5 minutes
For the second LO: -Flip page over
-It should look similar to this
-at this point you can mat or not, depending on what you like,
I chose to leave it with the mats from the other side showing
- I  positioned the word strip just at the top of the waterline on the photo.
-Then placed the sentiment to one side, again, just tacking it so I can slide the photo under.
-There you have it 10 minutes! and done or waiting for photos.
I think part of what helped make this so quick was I didn't have to moon over the photo, just make a space for them.

Check back soon for more 'Island Breeze Kit Blitz'
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