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Sunday, March 5, 2017

More Kit Blitz !


-The die cut leaf from this kit was just begging me to turn it over and use is as a stencil background on some of the paper.
-After I got done playing with the inks, I decided I wanted it to look more like a leaf I had just picked up of the rainforest floor.
I got out the Mod Podge
-Do one complete coat and let it soak in . This will happen quickly and you might want to lightly dry the back to stop the leaf from being too saturated.
-Then put another coat of Modge on and dry it to a tacky point with your heat gun.
- Gently start to shape it by moulding it over a curved surface. Place your solid object {I used the rounded side of my glue container}
- I started with the center crease folding it towards the center from the front side. Then did the individual leaves from the back, curving and drying as I went.

For the Title, I chose to go with a stencil
- Outlined it with a pencil. NOTE: it helps to have a line to work off of. You can do this with removable tape, or a light pencil line.
- I used India Ink in Black marker to fill in. This makes a nice solid background.
- Last fill in with stickles to add the glitter. Remember with stickles, you have to work so you do not smear your stickles, and allow to dry for probably and hour. So, do it last!
This is how they rocked the leaf on Kaisercraft Blog!

Because we all see a leaf differently!

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