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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Wild Whisper Kit Blitz '2' with Marcia

Hi Guys, I'm back with the limited edition 'Wild Whisper Adventure Kit'  !  Have you ever lain awake and not been able to fall asleep? This happened to me this week. (this is very rare) My mind went to scrapbooking, determined to keep me awake. I was thinking of how I wanted to showcase the photo of my grandpa from 1997. It was only one and a half years after the photo was taken that he passed away. This is really the only photo I have of him.

I was thinking that I wanted to expand my horizon and used the green paper with the splatters.

I decided to use the paint I have on hand and it was a great match for this kit. I did buy the tree stencil this week from Selena and have the Tim Holtz dies from winter.

 For me when I am using a stencil I find it easier to 'tape' the piece down so it doesn't wiggle, I use washi tape to do this as it peels of easy. While doing this layout I couldn't find a paintbrush so I used my ink blending tool to apply the brown paint to the tree stencil. After it was dry, I wanted more texture and a different colour. I don't have many stencils so I used 1 of the dies as a stencil. Use what you have is what I am trying to do. The next layer is green on the triangle (hard to see in the photo you may have to go into the shop to see ). Next I used the white and blue and Tim's nifty splatter brush to add some splatters. It matched the paper.

While all of this way drying I cut out, sanded and inked some corrugated paper for the corners. I put my photo in a flip page so that I could hide my journaling and added it to a card stock photo mat. I covered up the flip part with bits and some ribbon. To make the photo pop I added white using another die and small white hearts. The photo is popped up.

I also added some pearls and some gems from Emerald Creek Crafts aptly named Adventurite! See you soon for our next 'Adventure'

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