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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A place for Maps

Today is more of an idea, then an actual project. I always collect maps when we travel, and then I don't know how to incorporate them into my scrapbook.... so I thot of an idea.....

The first step was to make holes, and use my cropodile to add eyelets for strength. Then I rolled down the paper and held it with a knot. 

 Lay the map down on the backside of the paper.
Place sookwang tape along the map giving a little room on either side.

Then stick a backing onto the tape.

Just for fun, I used a template and distress ink to make a pattern on the white backing. When I take the map out I will have a pretty tree instead of just stark white.  

 This is the end result, just waiting for the map....
 Insert the map, and now it is part of my page layout, also being at the top of the page, I can remove the map without having to pull the page out of the page protector.

Hope this was helpful for  displaying some of your keepsakes. Have a happy scrappy day. Hop over to Scrapbooker's Paradise for the supply list. Leave a comment and let me know what other treasures you could store in a secret pocket. 

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fairyrocks said...

Hi Selena...hmm what to put in the pocket? I would tell you, but then you would have to disappear...maybe that passport that has expired?
Keep smiling and creating