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Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring is for Butterflies

Hello All! It's time for the new featured product. Between April 16 - 30 1" Score Tape is on sale. Regular 
price $ 11.99 on sale for $9.99. If you are ordering online please quote "FIST" in the comments section of your order. Score Tape comes in many sizes and also sheets, and has many uses! Aside from being a great adhesive it's fun to use with glitter!

First step was cut a piece of plastic approximately the size of my die.I needed a little wider than 1" so I just added a small piece. There are wider tapes available, I just didn't have one on hand today.
Next, get my die ready, in this case the Easter Findings by Sizzix, I love the butterfly on this die!
Cut out my butterfly...
With a light touch using my Prima blade I cut strips into the backing of the tape so I could reveal the sticky parts bit by bit, and make my pattern. You could draw, or use a pattern, I just free handed  some simple markings.
Then I used the microfine glitters, and covered the sticky part with a color of choice.
Then I cut more slits in the backing of the tape....
and used a second color. You could make this as intricate or simple as you choose.
Then I peeled the last of the backing, used my third color and I have a pretty embellishment for one of my Jamaica pages!
 Hope you can use this tip, have a great day.
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Product List

Scor Pal adhesive - Sookwang Tape
Art Institute - Glitter 
Bazzill 12x12 - plastic sheets
Prima tool - Craft Knife


jengd said...

Cute! Love that you can make this on your own. I've seen butterflies sold and they're ridiculously expensive- making your own makes SO much more sense!

fairyrocks said...

So pretty Selena, You are right those butterfly's are perfect with your glitter technique