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Monday, July 15, 2013

I Heart Summer part 2

Hello all! Well, I got my binder ring insert that I was missing when I went to make this book the first time.... Now I have the finished product! 

well..... 99% done. I still need to print a few photos and when I do that and the book is full, then I will go back and add little bits and pieces from the chipboard and brad sets sets.

I added LOTS of pockets, some of the cut aparts from the 12x12 sheet were too cute to cover, so I just randomly stuck them into pockets among the journal and photo tags!

I loved the jar on this page, so I fussy cut part of it, reinforced the back so it doesn't tear beyond where I want. Now I can slip a journal tag behind the cuteness!

I'm going to decorate this little jar, but I was waiting for a photo, and then I will put something in the jar that matches the picture! 

I made as many pockets as I could.

I used mostly ribbon for the tag tops but I had fun with a few. Here I layered a flower and used a brad with a design on it.

Because I can make as many pages as I need in the book, I can make the pages fat with photos and flip pages, then If I have more space in the end, I will add another page. 

lots of secret flips! I love these papers for this! If I like the design on both sides, I make it a door!

again, the really cute images I wanted to keep, so, add a pocket, fill it with tags and I can still see the back page :-)

One of the last pockets I embossed, and then used the postcard as a pocket. Now off to the print store. Hope you enjoyed my little summer book. This cover be any theme you like. It's even kewl enuff to leave uncovered, it has a distressed look to it. Have fun! Thanx for popping by. Check out Scrapbookers Paradise for the shopping list, and.... Have a Happy Scrappy Day!


Dawn said...

This is really neat - love all the pockets and flaps. Wonderful design and details and a beautiful paper line.

Linda Pekrul said...

What a fun mini! Every page is interesting!