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Monday, July 1, 2013

Thru the Mud

As some of you may know, Calgary has been under some muddy waters lately. ( To say the least ) We have been going to the Stampede look out and watching the progress (unbelievably quickly) coming together. This was a picture I took on a rainy day overlooking Stampede, it sorta explains the spirit of Calgary, we are in chaos, but even in the rain a cowboy will venture out and check the progress of his beloved city. Below is the hustle and bustle of hundreds of volunteers working hard at all hours, thru rain and shine to restore our Stampede Grounds... and as it turns out, "Come Hell or high Water" the Stampede will go on. 

My page shows what Calgary is like right now, the beauty shining thru the muck and chaos

There are many layers of pretty paper that are crumpled and crushed. The strips are rumpled, the lace inked and dirty looking, splashes of distress stains and scratched parts. 

A random selection of brads and eyelets, a little bit of chaos....

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