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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Universal Studios Jan 4

Hello Blog world!!! Sorry the first post is so late, we haven't been in the hotel room long enuff to log in, aaaaaaaand it's been rainy to live blog! So here is a start :-) 
Maddie and I left Calgary at 7pm, and then ..... were stuck in the plane for an hour because LAX was so busy they grounded us so that we had a place to land when we arrived. ok fair enuff.... then we we landed at LAX we were stuck on the pane 2 MORE HOURS because we didn't have a gate! So we made a friend and did lots of texting and yakking while we waited to be let off the plane! 
By the time we got to the hotel it was 2 AM not how we planned our night... but.... we are HERE!!! 

Carolyn leaves on Monday so we had her send us a pic so we had one of all of us at the airport.

The next morning on3 hours sleep, we headed off to UNIVERSAL Studios!! We debated back and forth about the weather because it was forecast to rain Alllllll day, everyone we told our plans said , it's going to rain, we could wait and go at the end of the trip.... but we took a chance and headed out anyway.... to a beautiful day!! 
 The park is getting ready for Harry Potter to open April 7 so there were bits of pieces of the movies around the park. Here is one of Ron's cars.

Then to my favorite part of the park, the backlot tour, A few really kewl additions since we were here last, the 3D king Kong virtual experience, and Fast and the Furious also, but I love the old Jaws too since this is the only place to see him now! 

Met a ton of the Simpsons characters lol

Went to an animal show with amazing critters, this is the owl that was Malfoy's owl in the movies

Haha we also met a few minions!!!! And us without bananas

We went on the back lot tour again because their  is stuff to see on both sides, this tome round we caught Norman loading a body in a car at the Bates motel, 

he didn't like us seeing him, so he started coming towards the tram..... the driver sped us off to safety! phew!! lol 

Such a fun day, LOVE universal studios!! We got a text from Carolyn saying she had arrived so as soon as we got there we took a pic and then went to find food!! 

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fairyrocks said...

Thanks for the update Selena, Looks like a wild fun time!!